How Man Mug Came to Be

Bradley Houshour

We got the idea to start Man Mug after purchasing a similar mug and liking it. That particular mug had a thinner handle and a bit of a different shaped barrel, but it was stainless steel and double walled. It was absolutely awesome for drinking beer! We like to say Man Mug, “Keeps your beer colder longer.” We’ve also heard that, “Real men don’t let their beer get cold.” Fair enough. The point is, Man Mug keeps your beer—and other iced drinks—colder, period.

Once we fell in love with that first mug, we knew we wanted to take it worldwide. We felt that craft beer lovers and home brewers would really dig Man Mug, so we set out to find a manufacturer. The process of finding manufacturers, getting samples, and testing them took months. We had friends use the different samples and tell us what they thought. We did our homework, learned some lessons, and we feel like Man Mug is just what we want it to be. It’s shiny, attractive, feels good when drinking from it, keeps drinks cold or hot, and your friends will envy it.

 We have big plans for this little mug. Stay tuned…