Don't Take Our Word

Kim McGlothlin

We can tell you all day what's great about Man Mug, but we thought you'd like to hear from some of our customers. Here's a little of what people are saying:

"Man Mug made me the envy of our weekend festivities. The stainless steal design not only kept my beer ice cold, but made me look and feel like King Arthur surrounded by his citizens."

"This thing rocks. I use it everyday."

"I bought this mug for my husband who brews his own beer. He loved it!"

"Best mug I've ever owned! If you drink beer, you have to buy this mug. I bought one for all the men in my life. Great groomsmen gifts."

"Despite my beer snobbery, I gave the Man Mug a try and glad I did. This is an exceptionally well-made product that keeps cold beverages cold."

"I am very happy with my Man Mug! I keep it in the fridge filled with water when I'm not using it and when I pull it out and take a swig it is the coldest water I have ever tasted. I wish I had gotten several of them. I need one to leave everywhere I go on a regular basis. This is the only drinking vessel I will use when it is available."

"I love this mug. It is a good size, good weight. Keeps my iced tea cold and my beers colder."

"This mug is awesome. Great for coffee, beer, iced tea, etc. Filled with ice and water, it still has ice in it the following morning (8+ hours). I love it and plan to buy more for myself and as gifts."

"I have 23 frosted glass mugs in my freezer plus one Man Mug—the Man Mug is by far the best, way better than the glass. This will not be my last Man Mug. I promise you this. Thank you for a damn good product."

"I'm happy to say this mug has more than met any expectations I had. Well-made product and keeps the brew cold, I have no doubt it will last years. My only complaint is that I did not order two of them."

"This is awesome! I used it for coffee and my coffee stayed hot. Used it for beer, kept it cold until I finished it. Plus it looks super badass, I keep getting complements on it. Totally worth the money."

"Simple, wonderful design, and looks cool too. Keeps hot things hot and cold things cold for an extended period. No condensation for cold drinks means no water rings on table surfaces. Dishwasher safe is a huge plus. I'll be purchasing more of these as gifts for my dad and brother."

"This mug is awesome, it doesn't sweat even with cold drinks with ice."

"Love this mug, it goes everywhere with me—work, camping, hunting, and barbecues—always a hit with everyone."